Skeever Tail

Where to find Skeever Tail:

Skeever Tails are dropped by Skeevers, and can also be found in any spider web sac that contains a Skeever. Skeevers are rat-like animals that can be found in caves and dungeons, as well as in the Skyrim wilderness. Additionally, a large cache of Skeever Tails can be found in the Commander's Quarters in Fort Dunstad, south of Dawnstar, as well as the Basement of Honningbrew Meadery just outside of Whiterun.

Ideal ingredient matchers:

These are ingredients which have two or more effects in common with Skeever Tail:


All effects of Skeever Tail, together with other ingredients that share the same effect:

Damage Health:

Damage Stamina Regen:

Fortify Light Armor:

Ravage Health: